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Anyone who has a car wishes to change something in its appearance. If you want you car to look really amazing you need to install a set of 360 Forged wheels. These wheels are produced according to the personal preferences of the customer. There are available thousands of 360 Forged wheels designs along with various optional customizations. Forged wheels are the latest trend in the sphere of wheels production. These wheels are only made-to-order. The brand 360 Forged wheels has evolved greatly since its appearance. Various materials have been used to produce these wheels, they include stainless steel, aluminum and others. The wheels are available as single-piece or multi-piece applications. All of them are produced using various technologies. To produce one-piece applications following technologies are used: gravity casting, low-pressure casting, tilt die-casting, and forging.

When producing wheels casting is known to be the basic technology. In this process the mold is filled with molten aluminum to form a wheel. When picking a set of new wheels you need to consider the offset of the wheel. This wheel parameter affect various elements of the suspension improving handling and steering or vise versa if the wrong offset is chosen. When choosing the wheels you need to pay attention to their width, wider wheels can improve the handling because the surface of the contact between the tire and the road increases. To improve the handling you can also pick wheels that are one or two inches larger that the factory ones.

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