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Custom wheels versus original ones: 5 main differences

Original Wheels

There are hundreds of ways to upgrade your car and ensure maximum driving experience. Perhaps, one of the easiest ways would be to equip your vehicle with custom wheels. An upgrade like this will not only make your car stylish and eye-catching, but also ensure better functionality, precision and stronger grip on the road compared to OEM wheels. Here, at CARiD, we have a wide range of custom wheels to choose from: However, we would first like to explain in greater detail how custom wheels can improve the functionality of your vehicle. Here are the five main differences between custom and factory wheels:

Custom wheels vs original: weight

Unlike original wheels, custom ones are usually characterized by a reduced weight. By reducing your wheel weight, and thus, the total weight of your vehicle, you can ensure better speed performance as well as better acceleration and braking. In other words, your car becomes more maneuverable, which can be very important – both on-road and off-road. Plus, weight reduction is invaluable for optimizing your car power output, so it’s great news that excessive weight of your vehicle can be easily reduced by equipping your car with lighter wheels.

Custom vs factory wheels: width and traction

It is possible to find the wheels that will be wider than their original counterparts, which ensures better traction. In other words, your car will have a better grip on the road ensuring your maximum safety even in extreme low weather conditions. This is particularly essential for off-road drivers, and those who have to drive in heavy rain, fog, or snow.

Custom vs original wheels: size and height

Another important metrics is the height of wheels, which, similar to width, can be increased. Technically, it will not influence your car power output or grip on the road. However, it will still help you to optimize your driving, especially if you are driving off road. A higher wheel will lift your car and make its body less vulnerable to debris, stones, and other hazards on the road.

Custom wheels vs factory: strength

Apart from size indicators, customized wheels are designed to be more durable in comparison to the original ones. The high durability is achieved due to improved production technology. It is common to produce original wheels of steel and aluminum. The same materials are used for the production of custom counterparts. However, custom wheels are made of forged alloy – the same steel and aluminum (sometimes also magnesium) poured into special custom shapes. Such parts have prolonged life, and they will not be easily damaged in case of an accident or a collision.

Custom wheels design

Custom Wheels

Finally, you can choose from a variety of shapes, designs and even colors, thus, making your car eye-catching and stylish. It will be hard to argue that for many drivers a car is not just a means of getting from point A to point B, but a reflection of their style and unique habits. Which is why there is nothing wrong with trying to make your car look more appealing – after all, we’re all people, so why not draw attention to what we care about?

So, as you can see, the benefits of custom wheels are pretty impressive. Surely, the final decision whether to purchase more durable wheels will depend on your personal preferences and driving habits. Note that CARiD, one of the biggest and most reputable automotive parts and accessories stores in the United States, can offer you an impressive selection of aftermarket wheels. In addition, we offer a wide range of performance parts and accessories, audio and electronics, garage tools, and so on. Our full selection can be found at: